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CWM Environmental an innovative full service water management company, announced today a two year agreement with the Pittsburgh Water & Sewage Authority (PWSA), to provide operations management and the services necessary to have the PWSA’s analytical testing lab certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

As part of the agreement CWM will embed a Lab Manager, Quality Control Manager, and Technical Lab Analysts at the PWSA’s analytical testing lab. CWM will work with the PWSA to conduct an internal audit of current operations and develop the standard operating procedures required by the Pennsylvania DEP and Federal, State, and local laws. CWM will assist in establishing, documenting, and providing the necessary training for the PWSA’s laboratory employees. CWM will also assist with the preparation of all required monthly, quarterly, and annual compliance reports.

The Authority will be able to leverage CWM’s operational expertise in laboratory management to streamline its operations and deliver complaint and accurate testing. This will allow the PWSA to conduct more in-house water tests, greatly enhancing the quality control process.

The relationship will help provide rapid water testing, complaint analysis, and real-time reporting, which is a major step forward to better ensure public safety. David Kohl CEO of CWM, says “Together we’ll better be able to monitor water quality throughout the entire distribution system”. According to X person at….  “CWM is the only firm that can provide the level & scope of services we (PWSA) require.”

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