Legionella Water Testing Solutions

Legionella Water Management Programs & Ongoing Testing

CWM is a leader in Legionella programs for Healthcare Facilities. We've partnered with Armstrong Nutrition to assist healthcare facilities in developing Legionella Water Management Programs & set-up ongoing testing solutions using IDEXX products.

CWM is a diversified full service firm that specializes in analytical and regulatory reporting services for the water industry. Our mission is to provide clients with technically reliable and legally defensible analytical testing. CWM operates three analytical testing laboratories and can work with clients across the United States.

Healthcare Facilities and Long Term Care Centers

Water management programs require regular and consistent sampling and testing to manage the risk of legionella developing in stagnant water.

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Schools & Universities

Regular sampling associated with monitoring water for legionella is critical especially in facilities where water usage can fluctuate.

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Hospitality Facilities, Hotels & Resorts

Focus on guest services while CWM Environmental's team manages your sampling and testing needs. Whether it's testing or water management planning, let our experts become an extension of your team.

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Public Facilities: Airports, Governmental Buildings, Recreational Facilities

Monitoring water quality in public spaces is needed to prevent legionella outbreaks. Our water management programs scale to fit your needs.

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Safe. Compliant. Efficient.

CWM Environmental has the expertise  and solutions to keep your water & wastewater systems safe, compliant, and operating efficiently. We collaborate with clients from municipalities and engineering firms in both the commercial and residential sectors.

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CWM Environmental is a leading environmental firm that specializes in water management and analytical laboratory solutions. CWM strives to improve water quality along with enhancing the environment by servicing and managing the water & wastewater needs of municipalities and industries.