Residential Water Testing Solutions


Complete Well Water Testing

It's critical to know the quality of the water coming from your well. Our analytical solutions will help you test for Coliform Bacteria, Hardness, Iron, pH, Sulfate, Nitrate, Lead, Manganese and others contaminants that can impact your health or reduce the life of your home's plumping and appliances.

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Lead Testing

Rising concerns for lead in drinking water warrant easy-to-use lead testing. CWM Environmental can help you identify how much lead is present in your drinking water with point-of-use testing.

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Safe. Compliant. Efficient.

CWM Environmental has the expertise  and solutions to keep your water & wastewater systems safe, compliant, and operating efficiently. We collaborate with clients from municipalities and engineering firms in both the commercial and residential sectors.

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CWM Environmental is a leading environmental firm that specializes in water management and analytical laboratory solutions. CWM strives to improve water quality along with enhancing the environment by servicing and managing the water & wastewater needs of municipalities and industries.