Sludge and Projects

CWM Can Handle All of Your Sludge Removal Needs

With over 20 years of project experience, CWM has solutions for all your sludge & waste removal needs. Our fleet includes vacuum trucks, a combination Jet/Vac trucks, crane trucks, hydraulic grinder/chopper pumps, and a portable belt filter presses. Our project employees are certified with confined space training and have the experience & equipment needed to handle any project. 

Sludge Removal

CWM is a licensed liquid hauler with a fleet of trucks and experienced operators. We provide sludge hauling, disposal services, and dewatering solutions – including a mobile belt filter press. CWM can streamline your waste removal needs with cost effective solutions.

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Sludge Dewatering

CWM’s portable belt filter press combines a sludge thickener and press into one unit. This technology provides excellent dewatering and produces a bio-solids cake for land application or landfill disposal. Our portable trailer means the press is small enough to fit in almost any space but big enough for any size job.

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Tank Cleaning

CWM has the equipment to tackle any clean-out. That includes:

  • Digesters & Waste Tanks
  • Lagoons
  • Catch Basins
  • Storm Drains
  • EQ Tanks
  • Grit Chambers
  • SBRs
  • Life Stations/Pump Stations

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Sewer & Basin Flushing & Cleaning

CWM’s project team can flush and clean any sewer or basin to ensure optimal efficiency for your treatment plant.

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Safe. Compliant. Efficient.

CWM Environmental has the expertise  and solutions to keep your water & wastewater systems safe, compliant, and operating efficiently. We collaborate with clients from municipalities and engineering firms in both the commercial and residential sectors.

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CWM Environmental is a leading environmental firm that specializes in water management and analytical laboratory solutions. CWM strives to improve water quality along with enhancing the environment by servicing and managing the water & wastewater needs of municipalities and industries.